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How Can You Get Rates On Health Schemes?

Medical aid prices can be obtain on this website today. But how? It is simple, we provide you with a form to provide your details to the brokers, so that the brokers can contact you through e-mail. They will send you up to 5 packages from different companies and their quotes will be included.

You will receive this prices and offers from the broker for no charge – it’s free.

You Need To Compare These Rates:

What does this mean? It means, once you have received the offers and prices of the various companies, you must look at each and compare which one has the most benefits you need, and which one provides all for the cheapest price. This way you will find the health scheme that will suit your needs and budget.

You can get the best possible schemes, all you need to do is look…

Looking For Medical Aid Prices Online?

Before technology was so developed, people used to call or visit the different medical scheme companies to get information about their packages and the costs related. This toke up a lot of time and effort, because just visiting a few place can take a whole day, as well as huge Telkom/airtime bills. This is all unnecessary in today’s life, doing it online on the internet is priceless and effortless.

You can get different package and their prices here on this site within 24 hours via e-mail. It is as simple as that!!! And the best part is, you get it for FREE!

You can get Affordable Medical aid quotes here:

The question is how to get rates for cheap for a proper health scheme. Just fill out the form, talk to the broker until you have found the price that is affordable.


Topmed is a medical scheme provider in South Africa. They offer a range of benefits and packages such as nursing offers, unique risk care and so much more. If you do not get what you want with another company, then you can surely have a look at what this provider has to offer with medical aid schemes.



Your healthcare requirements will be met with Selfmed Medical Aid, so you can rest assure. They have a variety of offers to go through namely MEDXXI Hospital Plan, Selfsure, Med Elite, Selfmed 80% and SelfNet. If you do not find a quote or firm that will suit you, you can have a look at what Selfmed has to offer.


They have a variety of offers namely Beat, Pace and Pulse. Under Beat and Pace is 4 different options and under Pulse is 2 offers to choose from. Meaning that with Bestmed you will find a suitable scheme for you and your family. This is just one company out of many that you can get healthcare from.

What Is A Medical Aid?

Definition Of Health Schemes:

It is the same as health insurance – you buy cover from a provider for schemes and pay a monthly fee. With this cover you can visit doctors, dentists, all types of specialists and hospitals as your scheme will provide full or some coverage for all this visits. In other words, your health and physical body is covered to get the medical care it requires, without you paying cash. There might be time when you have to make a back payment, but normally it for expensive visits like hospitalization. This is important to have, since medical care has got very expensive over the years.

Get A Cheap Medical Aid In South Africa

You do not have to purchase the most expensive scheme there is, choose one that is affordable from one of the companies in South Africa and with the most benefits for less…